Phil masterfully directed the performance contract for McDonald's Co-op account at H&L Partners, employing an innovative omni-channel geofencing strategy to merge digital and physical customer experiences, enhancing engagement and foot traffic.

We implemented a comprehensive omni-channel geofencing strategy for McDonald's

Our team used mobile app notifications, creative messaging, social media, and audience segmentation based on time and frequency to boost customer engagement and drive foot traffic to our outlets.

At McDonald's, our aim was to seamlessly integrate our customers' digital and physical experiences. Through a strategic omni-channel geofencing approach, we achieved this by:

  1. Engaging in Real-time: As customers approached our outlets or competitor zones, our mobile app sent out relevant promotions, deals, and brand comparisons.
  2. Digital Experiences: We incorporated Augmented Reality games and experiences, accessible within geofenced regions, offering a fun, interactive element while promoting our brand.
  3. Cross-channel Promotion: Our synergy between social media and digital billboards ensured brand visibility, promoting offers and user-generated content relevant to the geofenced location.
  4. Leveraging Data: By collecting and analyzing user behavior and feedback, we customized and refined our offers and messaging. This data-driven approach enabled us to tailor experiences, ensuring maximum relevance and appeal.
  5. Sustainability and Community: Our strategy was more than just sales-focused. We rewarded eco-friendly behaviors and promoted community events, reaffirming McDonald's commitment to sustainability and local communities.
  6. Privacy First: Respecting our customer's privacy was paramount. We ensured opt-in capabilities for geofencing features and maintained stringent data protection standards.
He skillfully implemented mobile app notifications, creative messaging, social media engagement, and precise audience segmentation based on timing and frequency to target marketing efforts effectively.

Phil's approach included real-time customer engagement, incorporating Augmented Reality for digital experiences, cross-channel promotions, and data-driven customization of messaging

Phil excels at aligning marketing strategies with business objectives, ensuring that every campaign not only meets creative benchmarks but also drives real business results.

  • QSR Category Mastery: Phil's work on the McDonald's Co-op account at H&L Partners showcased his deep understanding and mastery of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) advertising space, setting new benchmarks in customer engagement strategies.
  • Innovative Campaign Execution: His innovative approach in omni-channel geofencing and digital marketing has been a game-changer in QSR advertising, yielding remarkable results in customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Phil's ability to leverage data analytics and audience segmentation effectively demonstrates his proficiency in utilizing technology for targeted marketing, further cementing his status as a leader in QSR marketing strategies.

He has a knack for identifying and integrating the right marketing technologies to address specific business challenges, optimizing campaign effectiveness and efficiency.

Phil's strategy led to a significant increase in customer interaction and loyalty, reinforcing McDonald's brand commitment and community involvement.

Phil's role in the McDonald's campaign at H&L Partners showcases his expertise in executing complex marketing strategies. For more details, feel free to reach out

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Phil's innovative strategies at H&L Partners have profoundly transformed the customer experience for the brand like McDonald's. His multifaceted approach, blending advanced omni-channel tactics and creative marketing solutions, has not only engaged customers but also enriched the overall brand experience. This strategic initiative has led to significant achievements:

  1. Increased Customer Engagement: Phil's strategies significantly boosted customer interaction with the brand, leading to higher engagement rates.
  2. Enhanced Brand Loyalty: His innovative campaigns resulted in improved brand loyalty and customer retention for the businesses he worked with.
  3. Business Growth: Phil's targeted use of marketing technologies and alignment with business goals drove measurable growth and success for the companies.
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