As Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at CraftScape Creations, Philip was pivotal in transforming the firm's operations by integrating digital project management teams.  

He recognized the potential of technology to streamline workflow and enhance collaboration, leading to more efficient project delivery.

With a keen eye for innovation, Philip improved the company's design visualization workflow by adopting Drone Deploy, a leading drone mapping software. This revolutionary tool allowed CraftScape Creations to capture comprehensive aerial views of project sites, providing a new perspective that enriched the design and planning processes. The detailed, high-resolution maps and 3D models generated by Drone Deploy significantly enhanced project presentations, offering clients a unique and immersive view of their projects.

These strategic technological implementations not only streamlined processes and improved output quality but also solidified CraftScape Creations' reputation as a forward-thinking firm that harnesses technology to deliver superior results. Philip's leadership in these areas has been instrumental in positioning the company at the forefront of the industry.

Hiring, Inspiring, and Driving Revenue

  1. He led a successful rebranding campaign, launched a new website, and assembled a specialized team of 3D visualization experts, boosting the firm's design and 3d modeling capabilities.
  2. Always on the cutting edge, Philip initiated the development of Virtual Reality products and services, introducing a revolutionary approach to design.
  3. His implementation of new digital systems streamlined operations and enhanced client experiences.
  4. As part of his multifaceted role, Philip also created a network of over 900 cinematographers, expanding the firm's creative resources and content production capabilities.
His leadership and vision were instrumental in the company's success during his tenure as Fractional CMO.
CraftScape Creations view
CraftScape Creations view
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Leading in an entirely new industry through a service-based approach.

  1. As a Fractional CMO at CraftScape Creations, Philip's strategic adoption of advanced technology and efficient systems has been a cornerstone of the company's growth. His commitment to leveraging technological tools, from digital project management teams to innovative software like Drone Deploy, has revolutionized the firm's operations, bolstering efficiency, and enhancing the quality of its services.
  2. Philip's foresight and leadership in these areas have not only supported CraftScape Creations' internal growth but also fortified its competitive edge in the industry. By integrating cutting-edge technology, he has helped the company to deliver increasingly sophisticated solutions that cater to the evolving needs of its clients.
  3. As a result, CraftScape Creations has been able to expand its client base, take on more complex projects, and uphold its reputation as a forward-thinking leader in the design and build industry.

Philip's influence is a testament to the significant role that technology and efficient systems play in facilitating sustainable business growth.

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