Phil spearheaded the paid media initiatives for high-profile clients like McDonald's and Tier 2 Toyota. His focus was on strategically directing media efforts and collaborating with cutting-edge marketing technology firms to overcome challenges in attribution and drive impactful campaigns.

"I leveraged a comprehensive array of tools and strategies, including performance media trading, audience segmentation, and advanced digital marketing techniques.."

A key component was utilizing Foursquare for sophisticated geo-fencing and location-based attribution. Phil's approach involved rigorous testing of various creatives, call-to-actions, and content across different audiences, with a special emphasis on location-based conquesting to outperform competitors.

Execution Details:

Collaboration with data companies was crucial, and thanks to Phil’s expertise, we formed strategic partnerships with marketing-technology firms. These partnerships allowed us to access unique formats and high-impact creative units, enhancing our media buying effectiveness. Our focus was on developing a media strategy that was both innovative and efficient, leveraging these partnerships for maximum impact.

  1. Innovative Targeting: Employed machine learning algorithms to refine targeting, ensuring ads reached the most relevant and responsive audiences.
  2. Cross-Platform Integration: Integrated campaigns across multiple platforms including social media, search engines, and digital billboards for a cohesive brand message.
  3. Real-Time Analytics: Utilized real-time analytics to adjust campaign strategies dynamically, optimizing performance based on live data and user feedback.

In addition to the highlighted work on McDonald's and Tier 2 Toyota, Phil also made significant contributions to other accounts:

Each account benefitted from Phil's expertise in developing tailored strategies that addressed specific client needs and market dynamics.

  • Toyota Northern California: Implemented region-specific strategies to enhance local market presence.
  • Workrise: Focused on digital transformation to streamline operations and increase outreach.
  • Upwork: Developed targeted campaigns to attract freelancers and clients, enhancing platform utility.
  • AAA: Enhanced customer engagement through personalized marketing and member-focused campaigns.
  • VSP: Employed innovative marketing techniques to expand awareness and uptake of vision care services.

"My experience at H&L Partners reflects a deep understanding of performance marketing and strategic media buying. For more details or collaboration inquiries, feel free to reach out."

- Phil Rizkalla

Co-Founder, President

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The campaigns significantly boosted media-attributed app sign-ups and successfully tested various breakfast promotions in different market areas. Our strategies led to a measurable increase in customer engagement, brand awareness, and sales, demonstrating the efficacy of our targeted and data-driven approach.

  1. Enhanced Brand Recall: Achieved a significant increase in brand recall and customer retention through targeted and memorable ad creatives.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Improved cost efficiency of ad spend, reducing cost per acquisition (CPA) while maintaining high-quality lead generation.
  3. Market Penetration: Successfully penetrated new market segments, leading to an expanded customer base and increased market share.
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