Prospect like a PRO

Retargeting is your prospecting strategy's best friend.

It starts with the creative assets.

No channels were left behind.

CTV. DCO. Online Video. Display. High-Impact Mobile Units. Native.

  1. Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) becomes an invaluable ally in refining your prospecting strategy. Consider our collaboration with as a prime example of its prowess. With a lineup of creative assets provided by the client, we orchestrated a multi-channel symphony, spanning CTV, online video, display, high-impact mobile units, and native advertising. No avenue was left unexplored.
  2. Our approach focused on targeting high-value prospects with precision, ensuring that each interaction facilitated multiple touch points. Through careful control of frequency and supply path, we maximized the impact of each impression. Moreover, we employed intentional dispositional architecture to curate high-value first-party data sets, enabling refined retargeting audiences.
  3. The results were exceptional, harnessing the power of DCO to amplify brand messaging and drive conversions. By harmonizing creative assets with strategic audience targeting, we propelled to new heights of success.
High-Impact mobile units intentionally funneled prospects to various categories on the website


To take the crown.
  • DCO - Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is a method used in digital advertising to deliver personalized and highly relevant content to users. It involves dynamically modifying various elements of an ad, such as images, text, and calls-to-action, based on user data, preferences, and contextual factors.
  • In simpler terms, DCO helps advertisers create and deliver ads that are tailored to each individual user's interests, behaviors, and demographics. It allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns by automatically adjusting the content of the ad in real-time to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Imagine seeing an ad that showcases products or messages that directly relate to your specific needs or preferences. DCO makes this possible by analyzing data about you, such as your browsing history, location, or previous interactions with the brand, and then customizing the ad accordingly.
  • The ultimate goal of DCO is to enhance the user experience by delivering more personalized and engaging advertisements. It helps advertisers increase their chances of capturing the attention of potential customers and driving better results from their digital advertising efforts.
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The Results

We are thrilled to highlight the impressive results achieved with a luxury brand akin to John Hardy. These accomplishments underscore our proficiency in innovative digital marketing strategies.

  1. Remarkable ROAS Improvement: The campaign saw an increase in ROAS from 400% to 800%, with a peak of 1200% in December 2022.
  2. Engagement and ROI Success: Our targeted approach with creative assets significantly enhanced engagement and ROI.
  3. Commitment to Excellence: These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our personalized, data-driven advertising methods.

We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients, and we look forward to helping you achieve similar levels of prosperity through our tailored and results-oriented media campaigns.

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