Brands need creatives. Prospect like a PRO

Retargeting is your prospecting strategy's best friend - It starts with the creative assets you use and the messages you intend to deliver.
Our client had very little content to use for paid media campaigns. Primarily, UGC content. That needed a boost, over the course of 2 months, we thoughtfully created over 100 assets for Alleviate TAX.

 Newly Produced Organic Content. CTV. Online Video.In-banner Display assets. In-flight Production.

  • With a lineup of creative assets provided by our team, we orchestrated a multi-channel symphony, spanning CTV, online video, display, and high-impact mobile units sing both organic and paid advertising. No avenue was left unexplored.
  • Our approach focused on creating awareness as well as targeting high-value prospects with precision, ensuring that each interaction facilitated multiple touch points. Through careful control of frequency and supply path, we maximized     the impact of each impression. Moreover, we employed intentional dispositional architecture to curate high-value, first-party data sets, enabling refined retargeting audiences.
  • The results of our first month of activation informed the team we needed to create service specific assets. Harnessing the power of our many touch points and an advanced analytics feedback loop, Float refined, amplified brand messaging, and continues to drive net new conversions. By harmonizing creative assets with strategic  audience targeting, we propelled to new heights of success.
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The Results

We are thrilled to highlight the impressive results achieved with Alleviate Tax a leading tax relief service provider. The below accomplishments is what happens when a performance oriented team has their way with deployment of innovative digital marketing strategies.

  • A 40-page website, we created: The campaign saw an increase in site engagement driving over 6k new users to a net new experience with the brand. That's always nice.
  • Over  100 video assets produced and tested: Our targeted approach with  creative assets significantly enhanced engagement and ROI.
  • Omni-Channel Media activation : Over 2M impressions served to date, across channels -with efficiency in mind. The effectiveness of our personalized, data-driven advertising methods evolve every day.

We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients, and we look forward to helping you achieve similar levels of prosperity through our tailored and results-oriented media campaigns.

Float With US

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