Co-Founder of Float Media House and Visionary Media Maestro

Pioneering the dynamic landscape of media buying and advertising, Phil Rizkalla stands as the beacon of innovation and tenacity as the founder of Float Media House. With over a decade of hands-on, "hands-to-keyboard" experience, Phil possesses an intimate understanding of the nuances of advertising, media planning, and media buying. His client-facing roles over the years have equipped him with a unique perspective, ensuring that every campaign not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

Phil's journey began with a simple belief: that businesses deserve a media partner who understands both the art and science of the advertising world. His holistic approach and unwavering commitment have since transformed countless campaigns into roaring success stories.

Recognized for his strategic acumen, Phil's leadership transcends traditional boundaries. He has successfully steered teams towards achieving common goals, fostering an environment of collaboration and excellence. Known for his hands-on leadership style, Phil continues to inspire a new generation of media professionals, proving time and again that with the right blend of innovation and insight, the sky's the limit.