Waheed Ahmad, is a dynamic and innovative Social Media and GA4 Tracking Expert. With over three years of experience in Marketing and Analytics, Waheed has distinguished himself in the industry. His extensive knowledge spans various domains, including the development of powerful marketing strategies for businesses, specialization in server-side tracking, and expertise in Tracking & Reporting.

Waheed is a certified professional in a plethora of platforms, ensuring he's always at the forefront of the industry's latest trends and technologies. His certifications include Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Conversion Tracking, E-commerce Tracking, Google Analytics Tracking, and Google Tag Manager.

Driven by a passion for making a significant impact through data-driven insights and strategies, Waheed is the linchpin for successful online campaigns. As a trusted partner for your website tagging needs, he thrives on the power of social media and analytics to drive growth, engagement, and conversions. Waheed Ahmad is not just a partner; he is your gateway to the world of optimized marketing strategies and profound business growth.